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The Sugar Shack Candle Co.

Glass Bowl Custom Candle.

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This vessel is a glass bowl converted into a beautiful 3 wicked Candle. We have poured our newest fragrance in this bowl for you to enjoy.
This candle fragrance is a blend of our I'd Tap That fragrance and Morning Grind. Our founder Carrie, puts Maple Syrup in her coffee and has been to know to smuggle a 250mL of the syrup she makes with her hubby Chris. (Koopmans Maple Mountain).....into restaurants to put in her coffee. Our Morning Grind fragrance has a scent of freshly ground coffee beans of a dark roast. Our I'd Tap That fragrance has notes that smell like the Sugar Shack, during the season of sap harvesting. It also draws to mind of breakfast and pancakes covered in syrup. More syrup to pancakes us in our home. So of course we would have to try a combo of these two fragrances and it was a great success.

Directions: Upon lighting your candle for the first time, make sure to burn it long enough for the wax to melt all the way to the edge of the jar which usually takes about 2 hours. If the candle is not allowed to melt to the edge, especially on the first burn, a memory ring can form and make the candle tunnel for all future burns, which will decrease the burn time.

Care: Never burn your candle in an unattended area and keep away from items that can catch fire. Do not burn for more than 4 hours at a time. The jar will get hot, be careful when touching it. Keep away from children and animals.

Why we love this:

* Vegan

* 100% natural soy wax from soybeans (paraffin free)

* Lead free, cotton wicks

* Hand poured in Waupoos, Prince Edward County.

End of life + packaging: Recycling curbside or clean it out and wash it and you have a new glass/mug to drink out of.