About Us

WELCOME to The Sugar Shack Candle Co.



The Sugar Shack Candle Co. is a Canadian based company whose mission is  to share the love of Christ with all our candle friends. We believe He is the true light and we give Him the glory.

Every Sugar Shack candle is made with wax from natural, domestically grown soy beans and a hand-picked blend of non-toxic fine fragrance oils + essential oils. A natural cotton wick completes the candle for a clean, long-lasting, and even burn.

We hand pour and package each candle in Waupoos, Prince Edward County. We work hard to ensure quality, farmhouse inspired candles are delivered to your home with care for you to enjoy.


An entrepreneur at heart, our founder Carrie Koopmans has loved candles forever. As Carrie experienced allergy like symptoms from other brands of candles she researched what type of candles are more natural and less prone to trigger allergies. She stumbled upon Soybean wax and their benefits of burning them in the home compared to other types of waxes. She then proceeded, to search on the internet for a company that provided candle making supplies. Like making maple syrup....candle making is like a bug, once you start there is no end to the possibilities.