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The Sugar Shack Candle Co.

Sap Season Bundle

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In this bundle we have our signature fragrances. These bundles have 3 (8oz) candles in each. All jars a small canning jars with a black metal lid. 

Candle #1: I'd Tap That - This candle fragrance smalls like the Sugar Shack during the season of sap harvesting. It also draws to mind of breakfast and pancakes covered in syrup. More syrup to Pancakes us in our home.

Candle #2: Sugar Mama - This candle has notes of a luscious buttercream that tops that roasted pumpkin blend as spices of Cinnamon teases the senses with it's familiar warmth. Sweet Vanilla bean and creamed marshmallow finish the gourmand sensation with the perfect amount of sweetness.

Candle #3: - Sugar Maker - This candle has notes that pull you in with it's sweet light orange peel scent. Then it holds tight with its deep, rich, full bodied wood scent with a splash of spice.  It's a musky cologne like aroma. The name is inspired after our own Sugar Maker. 

Product Item: Metal Wick trimmers engraved with our name. Wick Trimmers are not necessary (but a candle nerd myself I always use my specialized wick trimmer.) For the larger mason jars, that have a lot of wax burned down and the wick is way at the bottom of a jar, a specialized wick trimmer definitely comes in handy.